Location Needed for COVID Treatments

Dec 6, 2021 | Member News

We are a Family Medicine practice that recently begun offering COVID Monoclonal Antibody Treatments to active COVID patients. This is the first major treatment outside of a hospital that has been approved to prevent severe illness and is a service that is highly needed. Problem is, it is time sensitive and must be administered within the first 10 days of illness to be effective. With time delays of symptom progression, testing and getting in to the treatment centers in our area, many patients are missing this window all together. We are even having patients calling us from as far as Denver and other surrounding areas to obtain this treatment due to barriers of access.

We are looking to offer this as a mobile Drive Thru version in a parking lot similar to how drive thru vaccinations or drive thru testing works which will allow us to streamline the delivery and help more patients. However, we do not have the capacity at our clinic parking lot to offer such a service and need a location that will allow us to set up a medical unit, treatment area, and other possible needs. If you have a parking lot with available space and wish to help with this endeavor please notify us as soon as possible.

Thank you

Jason Rogers
Starlight Health
Phone: 970-632-0135
Email: [email protected]