Local Business Owner Helps Leaders Create Ripples Of Success

May 14, 2015 | Member News

Chris Hutchinson, founder of Fort Collins-based Trebuchet Group, offers practical leadership training in his first book, “Ripple: A Field Manual for Leadership That Works.” “Ripple” provides leaders a comprehensive framework and field-tested exercises to help them succeed in spreading their leadership influence as far as possible.

For more than twenty years, Hutchinson has worked with thousands of leaders from CEOs to mid-level managers and first-time supervisors. From this work, he discerned a common thread: leaders rarely realize how their actions impact others around them, and often don’t know how to improve that impact. Leaders’ actions are similar to a stone skipping on water, and the energy released from those actions – the ripple – spreads out in all directions to impact people and organizations. Hutchinson developed “Ripple” as a practical guide to help leaders create more positive ripples for greater personal and organizational success.

“‘Ripple’ transcends the traditional leadership advice by invoking the reader’s personal creativity. You will find yourself applying the lessons to your workplace immediately, and you and your entire team will be amazed by the results. Highly visual, engaging, and on-point, ‘Ripple’ should be required reading for all managers and leaders,” says Marshall Goldsmith, author of bestsellers “MOJO” and “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.”

“Ripple” guides readers through practices and exercises designed to help them find their strengths, act more effectively, motivate and engage others, and build practical systems for their organizations’ success. Busy leaders will find a “But I need help now!” cross-reference section to enable quick self-diagnosis and focus on the most important areas for improvement. For more information how to start improving your own leadership ripples, to order your copy of the book, to download a free electronic workbook and action plan, or to invite Hutchinson to speak to your organization, go to http://www.rippleleader.com. “Ripple” is also available as an e-book from Amazon.

Chris Hutchinson is an organizational coach and leadership expert. Founder and leader of the Trebuchet Group (www.trebuchetgroup.com), he helps clients through facilitating small and large group strategic planning and meetings, coaching and mentoring executive leaders, and presenting on effective leadership and teams. Hutchinson’s been described by clients and peers as a visionary, inspirational catalyst for positive change. He and his family live in Fort Collins, Colo. For more information, see Trebuchet Group’s website at www.trebuchetgroup.com.

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