Light Under a Bushel No More

Aug 16, 2011 | Chamber News

Do you know how sometimes you get so busy getting things done that you don’t do a great job to letting people know about it? Well, you’re in good company. The Chamber has a very strong record of serving our members and the community but often under-communicates our accomplishments.

Most of us tend to admire doers more than braggarts, so, in our defense, we plead guilty of being doers! By way of atonement, however, for under-communicating, here’s a list of accomplishments that illustrate the value of the Chamber.

Most people know about R.O.I. or Return on Investment. It’s a common business phrase. Less well known is V.O.I. or Value of Investment. It has its roots in the Information Technology sector and means that the overall long-term value of an investment can exceed the obvious shorter term return on investment.

In addition to having an R.O.I. (such as a member paying $450 in membership dues for a company with an average value of a single sale of $120 will have an R.O.I. of $870 or 293%) the V.O.I. of Chamber membership can be seen in Influence, Impact, Innovation, Information, Interaction, Intelligence, Intelligent, Instruction, Introduction and Impressions. It’s the Chamber’s Value of “I”.