Level Up — Bringing Out the Best Community Stalwarts

Your Chamber has been a key advocate and co-creator of the Larimer County Level Up program. Launched on December 23, the program is a creative grass-roots effort to keep Larimer County residents safe and businesses functioning during the ongoing pandemic.

The Level Up Program provides businesses with the opportunity to voluntarily apply current best practices, become certified by the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment and then be allowed to open more fully than the current COVID dial allows.

I’m happy to announce that we have over 330 businesses that have applied for and received Level Up certification throughout Larimer County.  As a community, we have area businesses and members of the Loveland, Estes Park and Fort Collins Chambers of Commerce, City of Fort Collins, City of Loveland and Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development, Larimer Recovery Collaborative, and the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment serving on our Administrative Review Committee (ARC) and keeping this program moving forward.

In addition to the ARC, we have members of the Chamber Red Carpet committee sharing their time to help us celebrate the various Level Up businesses.  They are visiting each certified business, showing appreciation and then capturing pictures that we promote on the Chamber and the Level Up Facebook pages.  A very special thank you to this team of energetic, business stalwarts:

  • Kacie Mach and Blake Kennedy – Ent Credit Union
  • Tara Streeb – Teaching Tree
  • Shawn Charpentier – Double S Group
  • Lindie Dykson – Retriever Merchant Services
  • Richard Ricchiuti – ZebraJellyfish Photography
  • Emily LaBlanc – Senior Helpers
  • Larry Stewart – Innovation Cowboys
  • Chuck Jacquinot – All-Tech Automotive
  • John Lenkway – Republic Services

It is exciting to see our community come together to provide solutions to the challenges that COVID has created.  We invite all of you to help us continue to celebrate business and the community it builds, even during challenging times.  Check out NoCoRecovers.com to see the full list of Level Up businesses, like our posts on the Chamber Facebook and the Level Up Facebook pages and take time to visit and support these businesses that are making a conscious choice to take actions to keep our community safe.

As well, we want to continue to encourage everyone in our community to #KeepNoCoOpen.  You can make a difference by wearing a face mask, social distancing, washing your hands and hanging with your household.  We had a great conversation today with our hospital systems and they are encouraged by the decrease in cases and hospitalizations throughout the two-county area but reinforced that we all need to keep going to #KeepNoCoOpen

Written by Ann Hutchison, President & CEO

February 2, 2021
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