Let’s Commit to Making Positive Changes in 2021

Jun 9, 2021 | Member News

Hey, Larimer County! It’s time we invest in childcare and early education.

It’s true. Kids with access to high-quality early childhood education programs start reading earlier, graduate high school at higher rates, and have better-developed life skills like motivation, self-discipline, focus, and confidence. We know that 90% of a child’s brain develops by age five, and most children who enter kindergarten already behind have lost the most critical window for their brain and skills development.

We also know that approximately 60% of Larimer County children whose parents are working don’t have access to licensed early childhood education programs. Employees are better able to attend work and be productive at their jobs when they know their kids are in a safe environment during the workday.

Our local economy needs a thriving workforce today and tomorrow.

Quality childcare for working parents increases earning and spending potential in our local economy, and 67% of infants and toddlers have both parents in the workforce. $8.3 billion in wages is lost by U.S. families each year due to lack of childcare. Imagine how the health of our economy would strengthen if families didn’t have to choose between paying for childcare or earning a paycheck.

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