Learn More about Heath District’s 2019 Community Health Survey

Jun 21, 2019 | Member News

Every three years, the Health District of Northern Larimer County collects information about the health-care needs of our community. We use this information to plan our programs and services. We also share data with other organizations working to improve the health of local residents. This process is called the Community Health Assessment and has three parts.

1. Community Health Survey

The Community Health Survey is a survey sent to a randomly selected group of adult residents in Larimer County. We ask people a wide range of questions about their health and use of health-care services. We have been doing this every three years since 1995.  Answers to the Community Health Survey are completely confidential. We study and report only on the results as a whole. We keep no personal information on individual people who take the survey.

2. Community Health Forums

We also conduct a series of open meetings to discuss local health-care issues where you can tell us in your own words what you think about health care in our community.

3. Data from other sources

Local data is important. But we also look at data and research from elsewhere in Colorado and from around the country. This helps us put the local information we collect into perspective. All three parts of the Community Health Assessment help us to plan for a healthier community.

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