Leaders Step Up with Money to Tackle Big Issues

May 9, 2017 | Uncategorized

In March I told you about Northern Colorado Prospers, a major new initiative of the Chamber’s designed to tackle some of the region’s biggest challenges.

Northern Colorado Prospers is a 5-year key strategic initiative campaign with four goals:

  • Fix North I-25. This means lobbying to secure the ~$1.5 billion necessary to widen the interstate to 3 lanes each way between Longmont and Fort Collins.
  • Align, attract and retain talent. We rank 7th in the nation in under-employment yet many employers are struggling to find the workforce talent they need.
  • Bold voice of business. Government plays an important role in our lives, but overdone it can smother business. This goal is about boldly asserting the business perspective.
  • Expand and retain existing business. Most of the area’s economic development will occur from retaining existing primary employers by helping them solve problems and growing in place.

The Chamber has been involved in all four of these areas but has been significantly under-funded.

Last August, after extensive research, including interviewing 59 community leaders, the Chamber Board voted to launch Northern Colorado Prospers to raise $3 million ($3.35 million stretch goal) over five years for these goals.

The response has been strong. At this point, 62 of the area’s leading businesses and organizations have pledged $2,722,000. They are listed below.

If you believe in these goals and want to associate with this group of community leaders, consider investing in Northern Colorado Prospers. To learn more, drop me an email at [email protected] or call me at 970 482-3751 x 102 for a no obligation, no pressure conversation.