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May 8, 2020 | Member News

Leading Through 2020

Through COVID Phase 1, many leaders reacted swiftly and decisively in reaction to the menacing pandemic. In the early stages, it was important for employees to see how their leaders were “showing up” in trying times.

Analysis of “reaction times” can wait till later. It’s now time for forward thinking and forward motion. That involves clearing your windshield and honing essential leadership skills for what is certain to be a time of uncertainty

Bob Nedbal of Think2Perform inspired dozens of leaders in his first offering of “Leading in Times of Uncertainty.” He has rescheduled that workshop and two others in a 3-part series “Leading Through 2020,” a series designed for small business owners, HR professionals, and managers.  

Business leaders are welcome to enroll free of charge for any or all of the sessions, as well as the other free webinars in May. Strengthen yourself and your team for the road ahead. 

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