Larimer County to Move to Safer at Home Level 2 (Yellow)

Nov 6, 2020 | Member News

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has ordered Larimer County to move from Safer at Home Level 1 (Blue) to Level 2 (Yellow) on Colorado’s Dial. The move is a result of rising COVID-19 case counts and positivity rates within Larimer County over the past several weeks.

The Larimer County Health Department monitors case counts and positivity rates, along with hospitalization trends, to determine whether the spread of COVID-19 is rising. As of Thursday, November 5, Larimer County’s COVID-19 incidence rate is 309 and the positivity rate is 6.9%; both numbers have increased significantly since early September. Hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients, hospitalizations overall, and ICU usage continues to increase here in Larimer County.

These changes will go into effect on November 6, 2020 at 5 p.m.

Although Larimer County never wants to impose additional measures that restrict the movements and economic activity of the County’s residents, visitors, and businesses, the scientific data supporting the CDPHE’s order dictate that stricter protocols be enacted and enforced under these conditions. The majority of Larimer County businesses have implemented and are enforcing strict safety protocols as required. Local school districts are doing an excellent job minimizing risk for students and staff.

“We are at a critical juncture with our community response and we are asking all our residents to increase their diligence and limit their interactions in the community,” said Tom Gonzales, Larimer County Public Health Director. The recent increase in cases and hospitalizations in Larimer County means that we all must redouble our efforts to slow the spread of the virus.

“We need to wear our masks, maintain social distance, and hold off on in-home private get-togethers right now. The next few weeks will be critical for us as a community,” says Commissioner Johnson. “We need to do everything we can to keep our workers employed and our kids attending in-person learning.”

Although some restrictions may vary depending upon the industry or location, the main differences between Safer at Home Level 1 (Blue) and Level 2 (Yellow):

  • Maximum attendees at indoor worship services are reduced from 175 to 50 people
  • Maximum attendees at gyms are reduced from 75 to 50 people
  • Maximum attendees at restaurants decrease from 175 to 50 (or up to 100 if the space has adequate social distancing)
  • Maximum participants for group sports are reduced from 50 to 25 per activity
  • Maximum attendees for indoor events are reduced from 175 to 100, and stays at 175 for outdoor events
  • Last call will remain at 11:00 pm.

The Larimer County Health Department will be working with businesses to work through the new capacity limitations.

Information about COVID-19 is constantly changing, and the public health response adjusts as more is learned about this virus. While there is plenty of news and media information available, LCDHE is encouraging Larimer County residents to view the latest credible information on COVID-19 at  or Additionally, residents are encouraged to follow LCDHE’s Facebook and Twitter accounts at @LarimerHealth.