King / Queen for a Day: What Public Projects Would You Want Done?

Are there public capital projects you want to see built here in Fort Collins? The kind of things I’m talking about would be new streets or widening of existing streets, new community recreation centers, bike lanes or trails, fire stations, police equipment, park improvements, and the timing of traffic lights to name a few.

The reason I’m asking is because conversations are underway in City Hall about the next capital improvement tax package to bring to voters. The Building on Basics ¼ cent sales tax is set to expire at the end of 2015. Passed in 2005, the measure known as BOB is projected to raise $57.6 million for expansion of the Senior Center, the construction of the Discovery Science Center, widening of Timberline between Drake and Prospect, etc. Most of the key projects have now been completed.

So what’s next? Let the existing tax expire? Ask voters to continue to tax to fund a specific set of projects?

The Chamber will be weighing in on this issue in a couple of ways. First, we will provide input on what projects we believe will have the biggest positive impact on the community. Second, we will take a position to support or oppose the final ballot measure based on its merits (size of the tax, duration, projects in the package).

Discussions are internal at this point at the City, but it’s possible a measure would be on the ballot in November 2014. If not then, it would be spring or fall of 2015.

But the time is now if you have recommendations on specific projects to be considered. If you have suggestions, let me know at [email protected].