Kiana’s Costume Closet Donations for 2020

Oct 15, 2019 | Member News

“My idea for Kiana’s Costume Closet came a year after my 16 month old had passed and I pulled out her frog costume for her younger brother to wear. I have always loved Halloween and dressing up for any reason. As the years passed I saved my kids’ costumes and gathered others that folks were getting rid of. Each Halloween I’ve been loaning out items to my friends and their kids. I want every kid to have the chance to be creative and dress up for Halloween no matter if a family has limited means and/or multiple children. Kids love to dress up and play pretend. The power and confidence that a batman suit gives a 5-year-old is priceless. I am excited to see my 18 year old vision come to life and see the joy on the faces of those that it will benefit.” -Melissa Cobb, Kiana’s Mother.

We are collecting costumes for a Community Costume Closet, where everyone is welcome in 2020! No cost to participate and attend. Community members will exchange like-item for like-item costumes. Donate your gently used costumes and accessories all year round!

In preparation for this event in 2020 we are currently looking for: storage toes, storage unity-year round and gently used costumes, accessories, money to purchase any of the above or to cover flyer, voucher and signage cost. Volunteering your time is also invaluable for the event in 2020 or to be on the ground storytelling about KCC. The actual event will run all of October 2020.