Improving the financial lives of our clients is one of the most important things we do for them. We understand how hard it can be to stay financially well and how stressful it is to maintain a balance between their financial and everyday worries. These stresses not only have a direct effect on your employee’s home lives – it’s also a cause of low productivity at work.

The importance of financial wellness.
When your employees are financially well, they know that minor emergencies or expenses won’t cause financial hardship. A better understanding of their
spending and saving habits keeps them from spending more than they earn.

Help your employees get on the path to financial wellness with Key@Work.
Through this no-cost-to-you program, your employees will have exclusive access to special banking discounts, digital tools to illuminate gaps in their financial lives, the Key Financial Wellness ReviewSM, and much more to help them on their journey to financial wellness. We’ll give them tools that can help them live better.

Employees who learn to better manage their money:

  • Have less stress about their everyday finances
  • Are happier and more productive at work
  • Know they’re protected against financial risks
  • Have the ability to make more-informed and more confident financial decisions
  • Cultivate healthier financial habits

It’s a free and simple solution. Get your employees started on the path to financial wellness by contacting your Key@Work Relationship Manager.

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