It All Begins with Why

Purpose matters. Why your organization exists drives your decisions and actions.

Inspired by a TED presentation by Simon Sinek, the author of the “Start With Why,” last year the Chamber Board had a series of conversations about the Chamber and its purpose. The ‘Start With Why’ discussions were very interesting and really engaged board members. It was clear this was not an intellectual exercise. This was about their hearts. They aren’t investing their time and money in the Chamber just because it’s the right thing to do or just to foster job creation or just to speak up for business. It’s all of that but bigger. They see the Chamber as a tool they can use to create a vibrant, livable community. Having profitable successful businesses is a laudable end in itself, but to them having vibrant businesses is fundamental to the success of the community they care so much about.

Following is the product of the Chamber Board’s discussion of why. Their conclusions are embedded in the Chamber’s strategic plan and reflected in the initiatives and programs of the Chamber.

What is Our Purpose?

To proactively empower businesspeople to build a community in which their businesses can thrive and in which they are proud to live.

What Do We Believe?

A thriving and proactive business community that provides good jobs elevates the entire community.

Why Do We Exist?

To influence positive economic results and provide connections

To encourage a business-friendly environment that generates individual and community success so we can afford the future we want.

Why Should Anyone Care?

Prosperity does not long reside in one place without conscious attention and continuous effort by community and business leaders.


Our community needs its businesses to flourish.