How Will Your Organization Be Affected By A Local Minimum Wage?

The Fort Collins City Council is continuing the process of establishing a local minimum wage (LMW) that potentially impacts every employer operating within the city.

City Council will consider, on Tuesday, November 15, three options regarding the implementation of a Local Minimum Wage.

Option 1: Goal of $19/hour

2023 – $13.65 (estimated Colorado Minimum Wage based on inflation)

2024 – $15.15

2025 – $16.90

2026 – $18.50

2027 – Plus CPI (Consumer Price Index; min. 2%, max. 5%)

Option 2: Goal of $16.65

2023 – $13.65 (estimated Colorado Minimum Wage based on inflation)

2024 – $14.65

2025 – $15.65

2026 – $16.65

2027 – Plus CPI

Option 3: Postpone Indefinitely

Tipped employees and unemancipated minors may be allowed to receive a lower wage under specific conditions (CDLE Resource), but any and all employers that have employees that work at least 4 hours per week within the city limits of Fort Collins will be required to follow this local ordinance regardless of employer type or home office location.

Nonprofit organizations, Poudre School District, Colorado State University, home-based businesses, national chains and locally owned small businesses of all variety are affected. In fact, the City itself will be impacted to the tune of $3M or more when accounting for wage compression.

Council needs to hear from you today! They need to understand the full impact of unintended consequences that will be felt by employers and employees alike.

There are far too many unanswered questions with very real consequences. Let’s go with Option 3 until we all have a better understanding of the problem we’re all trying to solve.


What an amazing week of business building community!  A very special shout out to Horse & Dragon (2022 Outstanding Small Business as recognized by National Philanthropy Day Colorado), Snack Attack (creator of the 5th Annual CommUNITY on Tap Veterans 5k hosted with @odellbrewing benefitting @honor_street_colorado), Broadcom (United Way 2022 Cornerstone Partner) and Outpost SunSport (Randy Morgan retires after 50 years giving back to community).  These organizations and their leaders make our community special!

Ann Hutchison, President & CEO

November 15, 2022
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