How to Engage with Investors

Nov 24, 2020 | Member News

Four part educational series brought to you by CU Boulder Venture Partners, SAGE, & Innosphere Ventures!
You’ve decided to start a company. You’ve got a great product or technology that you know everyone will want but you need to raise capital to achieve your vision. However, you are unclear on the steps you need to take to actually identify and attract an investor.
Introducing “How to Engage with Investors” – a collaborative virtual speaker series between Venture Partners at CU Boulder, SAGE and Innosphere Ventures offering pragmatic advice on what it will take to attract investment.
Please be sure to register for all four sessions below as they are designed to complement one another
Session 1 of 4: What to expect when raising a seed investment
Mike Freeman, CEO and General Partner of Innosphere Ventures
Depending on what your investment opportunity is, certain types of investors may be a better fit then others. This presentation will outline what funding options are available for early stage companies and which to choose depending on the stage of your company. This session will provide details on what to expect in terms of the process and timelines to achieve your capital raise.
Wednesday, December 2nd at 12pm MST
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Session 2 of 4: What makes a compelling investor presentation
Joey Davis, Principal of Innosphere Ventures Fund
Investors expect to see specific information from a company when you present to them and be able to discern there is a solid foundation of knowledge behind the information they are receiving. This presentation will define what needs to be included in an investor presentation and what critical information you need to know when you present.
Friday, December 4th at 12pm MST
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Session 3 of 4: Getting your product to market and why an investor cares
Bud Michael, Renaissance Management Services
Your product is only of value if someone wants to buy it. Investors want to be sure that you know who wants your product, what value it delivers and why it will sell. This presentation will describe the steps you will need to have considered to commercialize your product in order to be able to explain why your company will be successful.
Monday, December 7th at 12pm MST
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Session 4 of 4: How to identify and leverage your network to raise money
Susan Strong, SAGE Boulder Director, Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Venture Partners at CU Boulder, Principal at The Strong Group
Now you know what investor is right for you and are prepared to talk to them, how are you going to find them? This presentation will provide practical steps to identify and connect with investors. It will describe the stepwise process you should follow to meet the investor who will fund your company.
Wednesday, December 9th at 12pm MST
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