How is Your City? Annual Community Survey Open Now!

Oct 30, 2018 | Member News

How would you rate the overall quality of life in Fort Collins or the availability of affordable quality housing? How often do you go to the parks or interact with City staff? Are you satisfied when you do? The Community Survey is your chance to answer question like these. It happens only once a year and is open through Sunday, Nov. 11.

In about 10 minutes, residents can rate everything from access to arts and culture to job opportunities, tell the City how they prefer to receive information and how safe they feel in different areas. It’s one of the main ways the City learns about the community’s feelings, needs and perceptions.

Your opinion will be used to:

  • Prioritize programs and projects.
  • Update the City’s Strategic Plan.
  • Create communication plans and outreach.
  • Improve existing services.
  • Report to leadership on community perceptions.

The City has conducted a biennial, statistically valid survey since 2001 and this is the first year that the schedule has moved to annual and there is an online opt-in option open to everyone. Statistically valid surveys are sent to scientifically and randomly selected residents, so data can be weighted to accurately represent the community through a smaller sampling. The survey is administered by National Research Center, Inc., an external and independent survey research firm, and this year, the City and NRC offered a fully open version to help reach more people and spread awareness. Data will be kept separately and shared in late December.

The survey is available in English and Spanish. Share your opinion today at