Recipient to be awarded car at June 14 Lagoon Summer Concert Series

 For over a dozen years, Houska Automotive in Fort Collins has partnered with Project Self-Sufficiency to award a quality, used vehicle to one of the nonprofit’s participants. This year, Houska is proud to award a 2014 Chevrolet Cruze LT to Jennifer S, and her children (ages 18, 16, and one), at the Lagoon Summer Concert Series June 14 concert.

“Houska Automotive is dedicated to making sure that our neighbors are being transported in a vehicle that is safe, reliable, and runs well,” said Jason Lightbody, vice president of tire operations.  “After over 70 years of serving our community, we’re honored that we’re in a position to give back and support Jennifer and the great work done by Project Self-Sufficiency.”

Jennifer currently relies on her oldest daughter to help with transportation, which includes taking her other kids to and from school. She’s thrilled that, thanks to Project Self-Sufficiency and Houska Automotive and their partnered donor program, she will have her own car.

“We selected Jennifer because she is starting her internship this summer and did not have a vehicle, which would make it difficult to show up reliably without one,” explained Project Self-Sufficiency’s Natasia Lovato Garcia, who coordinates the Cars for Families Program and was a previous vehicle recipient. “She has worked very hard on her goals with her advisor – she’s very persistent and tenacious – and she continues to show progress toward her goals, and her internship begins June 15, the day after the event.”

“I am excited to start my internship at Sober Lighthouse Living since it fits my career goal and I will get good experience there,” Jennifer shared. “Without the car, I didn’t have a way to get there, so I was either going to have to ask my oldest daughter or use a bus that would take many hours out of my day. I also didn’t have a way to get to CSU for the fall semester, but thanks to Houska Automotive, now I do!”

Reliable transportation is critical as single parents enrolled in Project Self-Sufficiency take steps to increase their education, gain work experience, and become economically independent while building a strong, healthy family. “When a participant’s car breaks down – and they are unable to get themselves to and from school – it increases their risk of dropping out BY FAR or failing classes,” said Lovato Garcia.


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