Hiring candidates who fit your job needs can be difficult, but have you ever considered targeting your search to veterans? Veteran job seekers are frequently overlooked and underrepresented, but are often the strongest of candidates already highly specialized in many areas.

Our Veterans Employment Specialists provide a wide spectrum of business services related to economic and employment development. Your local specialist and the network of Colorado Workforce Centers save you time and money by putting their expert knowledge to work to recruit, hire, and help your business thrive by matching the right candidate to your current employment situation.

Get Started: Our job candidate database has over 14,000 skilled veterans who are ready to work. Hire a veteran now!

Receive a Tax Credit: The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is available when hiring qualified veterans and can reduce employer federal tax liability by as much as $2,400 to $9,600 per new hire. For more information: www.colorado.gov/cdle/taxcredits
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Contact your Local Representative:

Chuck Crews

State Consolidated Veterans Representative – Larimer County

Direct: (970) 324-4835 / Alternate: (970) 498-6656

Be sure to leave a message if I’m not able to answer

200 W. Oak Street, Ft Collins CO 80521

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Supporting Veterans in Larimer County

The Larimer County Veterans Service Office provides services to veterans and their families.

We provide assistance with:

  • Filing for and obtaining benefits
  • Claim counseling, developing, and representation
  • We are advocates for veterans, their families and survivors.
  • VA Health Care Enrollment Priority Groups

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