Helping More Dogs Find Homes: Animal Friends Alliance Receives PEDIGREE Foundation Grant

Feb 1, 2021 | Member News

Funds will be used to prepare 106 dogs to find new homes

In 2020, Animal Friends Alliance provided pre-adoption support to prepare over 1,000 dogs for loving homes. That’s why Animal Friends Alliance is delighted to announce that it has received a Program Development Grant from PEDIGREE Foundation to prepare even more homeless dogs to find homes in 2021.

With this $9,970.36 award, Animal Friends Alliance will spay/neuter, microchip, and provide kennels for foster families, to provide excellent care for 106 dogs who are on their way to adoption. Last year, 54% of dogs who came through Animal Friends Alliance’s shelter benefitted from foster homes, and providing more resources for foster homes to properly care for these animals is central to saving more lives.

“Providing spay/neuter services, microchipping, and the security of fostering will help so many worthy dogs,” said Sarah Swanty, executive director of Animal Friends Alliance. “We’re grateful to our friends at PEDIGREE for this gift, which will make it possible for dogs to arrive in their new homes, ready to bring their new families love and friendship.”

Animal Friends Alliance anticipates adopting out more than 1,000 dogs in 2021. The support of PEDIGREE Foundation will enable us to prepare over 100 of these dogs for adoption, and to equip their foster homes with tools to provide the best level of care and training for them. It will also support our goal to help almost 900 other dogs find families this year.



About Animal Friends Alliance
Animal Friends Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive companion animal resources, services, and education to the community to prevent pet homelessness and promote the human-animal bond. Animal Friends Alliance’s services include a limited-admission, adoption-guarantee shelter for cats and dogs, subsidized sterilization and vaccination clinic, grooming salon, and kibble pantry for pet guardians in need. Since its founding in 2006, Animal Friends Alliance has found homes for more than 30,000 cats and dogs and the clinic has performed over 70,000 spay/neuter surgeries. More information can be found at


About PEDIGREE Foundation
We believe every dog deserves a loving, forever home. PEDIGREE Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to help end pet homelessness. Nearly 3.5 million dogs end up in shelters and rescues every year, and nearly half never find a home. The foundation was established in 2008 by Mars Petcare, maker of PEDIGREE® food for dogs, to help increase dog adoption rates. We’ve awarded more than 5,700 grants and over $9 million to U.S. shelters and rescues that help dogs in need.

At PEDIGREE Foundation, we’re working toward a day when all dogs are safe, secure, cared for, fed well and loved. See how you can help: