Guest Author Series-Collaborative Prosperity: A Call to Action for Business and Community Growth

Jan 3, 2024 | Uncategorized

Hello, Fellow Chamber Members! 

I’m Miles Kailburn, the incoming Board President for the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce. With 17 years under my belt as a local business owner, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with many of the diverse businesses and organizations that make up our growing region. 

My journey began in upstate New York, a place once known for its thriving business economy and strong civic responsibility. A place that has since seen a decline in both economic prosperity and civic engagement. A place that is now a mere shadow of what it once was. Witnessing this shift has profoundly shaped my perspective on the importance of a healthy business environment and its long-term impact on the communities in which it exists. 

As we head into 2024, your Board of Directors will continue to focus on the following four key pillars: 

  1. Creating a Business-Friendly Environment: As I mentioned above, the importance of a healthy business environment has a lasting impact on the health of a community. This pillar will remain a core focus and at the forefront of our priorities in the upcoming year. A nurturing environment for businesses is essential for our collective prosperity.
  2. Continuing Our Work in Transportation Improvement: The recent expansion of I-25 is just the beginning. Efficient transportation is vital for our community’s growth and connectivity. This will continue to take shape looking at the city and region’s infrastructure for opportunities to ensure Fort Collins remains commutable.
  3. Ensuring a Thriving Talent Pool: Our businesses need the right talent to flourish, and strengthening our talent pool is integral to our success as a business-friendly community. As our companies in the region grow to meet the demand, people will be the differentiator between success and stagnation. 
  4. Fostering a Growing and Thriving Economy: A robust economy benefits everyone—businesses and residents alike. We must work towards an economy that supports all facets of our community.

My alignment and commitment to these four areas of focus are directly related to my desire to ensure we have a strong and healthy Chamber and community for years to come. 

I urge every member of our Chamber community to join us on this mission.

Whether you’re a business owner, resident, or civic leader, your support and contribution is vital. Our chamber is more than just a collection of businesses; it’s the heartbeat of Fort Collins, and together, we can ensure this heart continues to beat strong and steady.

Miles Kailburn, Founder | Chief Executive Officer

Old Town Media

January 3, 2024
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