Google Launches MASSIVE February 2020 Algorithm Update

Feb 19, 2020 | Member News

Most business owners understand the value of a high-ranking on Google. If I am an criminal defense attorney and someone searches “DUI Lawyer near me”, I know they are looking for an attorney and know I need to show up. That being said, Google and various search engines often make changes that shake up these search results.

One such update happened this month, beginning on February 7th. A massive shakeup by Google led to scrambling and chaos and businesses saw their traffic and sales plummet. According to SEOClarity, some well-known companies saw MASSIVE declines since February 7th:

Some of the most widespread ranking changes occurred among traditional, well-known retail brands (stores that began as brick-and-mortar chains, then later moved online). Some of the biggest losers:

Kohls down 34%
Dillards down 33%
Macy’s down 26%
Nordstrom Rack down 21%
Sak’s Fifth Avenue down 19%
Men’s Wearhouse down 18%
Crate and Barrel down 17%

Needless to say, Search Engine Optimization has never been more valuable. With the rise of smartphones and a younger generation that relies on voice-search and search engines to find what they want, it is imperative that businesses adjust and improve their visibility on these search engines so they appear when their services are needed.

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