FRCC to Give Out $8 Million to Fall Semester Students

Aug 24, 2021 | Member News

We are pleased to announce that funding from the American Rescue Plan Act, 2021 (ARP) will allow FRCC to provide more than $8 million in financial support for all our fall semester students.

Students who are registered for fall 2021 classes will be automatically considered, with awards ranging from $250 to $1000 per student, depending on their need. No additional application is necessary.

However, if a student hasn’t already completed one of the following forms, we strongly encourage them to complete either the 2021-2022 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or 2021-2022 Colorado Application for State Financial Aid (CASFA – for students without citizenship) as soon as possible.  See details below.

Eligibility Information:

  • Students who are attending FRCC for Fall 2021 will be automatically considered for ARP (COVID-related) funds – no additional application is required.
  • Students without citizenship status (such as DACA/ASSET or International students) will be considered eligible for this funding.
  • High school student/Concurrent Enrollment students are not eligible.
  • Priority will be given to students who demonstrate the most significant need.  Students are encouraged to complete one of the following applications to assist with determining need:

Additional Information:

  • Grant amounts
    • $1000 for attending students who have a FAFSA and/or CASFA on file and an EFC of 0-8769.
    • $500 for attending students who have a FAFSA and/or CASFA on file and an EFC greater than 8760.
    • $250 for all remaining attending students, excluding high school students.
  • What is an EFC?
    • EFC is short for Expected Family Contribution, which is a number calculated by the U.S. Department of Education when a student/family completes a FAFSA.
    • The calculation looks at things like income, household size and the number of students in college to help determine the EFC.
    • The EFC is not the amount of money a student will need to pay for college, nor the amount of aid to be received, but is a number used by the financial aid team to determine aid eligibility and financial need.
  • When does the FAFSA and/or CASFA need to be completed?
    • In order to identify need, FRCC will be using information provided on the FAFSA and/or CASFA as of August 23, 2021.


How the Awards Will Be Distributed:

  • The college expects to start making awards in late August, with first awards to students who register earliest. Students will likely have access to funds in early to mid-September.
  • All American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds will be issued directly to students through Bank Mobile—the company that FRCC uses for providing funds to students. Students can choose how to receive their funds in their Bank Mobile account.
  • COVID ARP funds will NOT be applied to any current or outstanding balances.
  • Transfers through Bank Mobile can take 7-14 business days for processing after funds are applied to a student’s account.

Questions About the American Rescue Plan Grant?

If you have any questions about American Rescue Plan Grant funding, please contact [email protected].