Endeavor Photography adds professional aerial drone to photography toolkit, further expanding their photographic offerings to clients.

As a professional photographer in Fort Collins, Colorado, I like to offer my clients options. It’s not unusual for me to bring a step ladder to my portrait sessions. Getting a little off the ground creates a very different photo than one taken at ground level. Adding DJI’s new Mavic 3 Classic professional aerial drone to my toolkit helps me get even higher off the ground, yet still capture high-quality photos.

I am very happy to announce the addition of DJI’s new Mavic 3 Classic aerial drone to my photography toolkit. This drone replaces the smaller DJI Spark I’ve been using for a few years, now. The primary reasons for new drone are more megapixels, a longer flight time, RAW image file format, and an adjustable aperture.

Adding aerial photos to your photography package is a great idea, whether it’s to your wedding, couples, family, or individual photography session. The location of these events are often chosen due to their attractive background. Sometimes you can’t include that attractive background, or enough of it, due to trees or buildings in the way. That’s where an aerial drone comes in handy. With an aerial drone, I can get above the park or trees or buildings and capture more of the park or Colorado’s beautiful mountains.

Real estate is another area where aerial photography makes sense. I’ve bought houses myself, and I have always appreciated seeing the layout of a lot from the sky, more current than what Google Earth can provide. Aerial real estate photography can also show a potential home buyers more of the neighborhood they’re considering moving into, such as how close the neighborhood pool is.

Construction and roofing companies can also take advantage of aerial photography. I regularly photograph roofs for Bob Behrends Roofing, LLC. It’s the perfect way for them to show-off their work to their prospective clients. Construction companies can also do the same.

The uses of aerial drone photography is endless. Outdoor races and skills clinics, concerts and festivals, homeowners and business owners, and more. Visit https://endeavor.photo/aerial-photography/ for more information.