Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity Launches “Hometown Hero” Award To Thank and Spotlight Outstanding Supporters

Nov 20, 2020 | Member News

First Year Award Winner is Hot Corner Concepts

In an effort to bring recognition and gratitude to partners that have gone above and beyond in their support for affordable housing in the community, Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity has launched the annual “Hometown Hero” award. The award recognizes a Habitat partner that has demonstrated compassion, leadership and willingness to engage with the many facets of their mission. The winner of the first 2020 “Hometown Hero” award is Hot Corner Concepts, owners of local restaurants Austin’s American Grill, The Moot House, Big Al’s and Comet Chicken.

“The pandemic has brought on some of the most difficult times we have had to face. However, it has shown how much we can achieve when we help one another,” explained Executive Director and CEO of Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity, Kristin Candella. “Habitat chose to launch the award during this challenging year because we believe the vibrancy and health of our community is something we build together. Our hope is that this award will inspire our neighbors to focus on community and choose local this holiday season.”

A “Hometown Hero” nominee must meet at least five of the criteria below to be considered to receive the award.

  1. Construction – lifts a hammer and volunteers as a team onsite.
  2. Philanthropy – invests generously in Habitat’s work via donations. There is no framing without financing.
  3. Global – goes or gives globally helping to make Habitat’s work possible in 70 countries around the world.
  4. ReStore – supports Habitat’s retail enterprise where they sell donated new and used building materials, supplies, furniture, and vehicles, making it possible for Habitat to create their own destiny through increased earned revenue.
  5. Events – shows up at Habitat events, through sponsorship, attendance and/or donations.
  6. Leadership – builds the capacity of staff and systems that empower Habitat to grow and serve more families.

Hot Corner Concepts was chosen as the first-year winner, not only for their support of Habitat for Humanity, but for their generous contributions to the entire Fort Collins

community. Hot Corner Concepts has donated over one million dollars to local nonprofits since 1988. Habitat is sharing the story of how Hot Corner Concepts was chosen in a series of daily posts on their Facebook page,

“We are so pleased with the selection of Hot Corner Concepts as our first annual award winner,” said Candella. “Giving is truly in the DNA of this local business. When I share a meal from one of their restaurants, I know there is a great ripple effect throughout the Fort Collins community because of their generosity.”

Hot Corner Concepts was selected as the winner by the staff of Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity. A nomination process will be implemented with the Board, staff and volunteers for 2021.


 About Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit Christian organization that empowers low-income families by partnering with them to build affordable housing. Habitat does not give the houses away, but rather sells them to families in need through no-profit loans. Qualified families also contribute hundreds of sweat equity hours in the building of their home alongside hundreds of community volunteers who give of their time and talents.  Since its inception in 1993, Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity has constructed 62 homes in the Fort Collins community and 148 internationally.  Visit us at to learn more.


About Hot Corner Concepts

Hot Corner Concepts owns and operates all Austin’s American Grill (Downtown and Harmony Locations, The Moot House, Big Al’s and Comet Chicken – four distinct restaurants with a singular vision of serving consistently gratifying meals made fresh from scratch using only the finest, wholesome ingredients. Each dish is tested, refined and perfected before it wins a place on their select menus. The knowledgeable staff is expertly trained before they ever interact with a customer. This means impeccable service and consistent food quality any time, every time. Since their restaurants are born, raised, owned and operated locally Hot Corner Concepts know how to speak to the tastes of the area like no other locals do and no national chains could ever hope to.