Fix Colorado Roads Comments on the March 15 Revenue Forecast

Mar 15, 2019 | Chamber News

The following is a statement from Sandra Hagen Solin, spokesperson for Fix Colorado Roads, regarding today’s Revenue Forecast to the Joint Budget Committee:

“Colorado’s economy continues to thrive and it is imperative that the Joint Budget Committee, Governor and all legislators invest a portion of the growth in our economy in our infrastructure. Whether they are driving on crumbling sections of Highway 96 in Kiowa County, in bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-25 near Fort Collins, or stuck on a gridlocked I-70 trying to get home from the mountains on a Sunday evening, Coloradans have had enough and expect action from this legislature.

“By dedicating a portion of the new general fund revenue reported today and creatively developing new funding methods that effectively modernize the way we fund transportation, the legislature must take bold steps to address Colorado’s growing transportation crisis. Failure to act is no longer an option. If not now, when?”

–Sandra Hagen Solin, Fix Colorado Roads


Fix Colorado Roads

Fix Colorado Roads is a non-partisan, statewide advocacy group dedicated to finding a balanced approach in modernizing Colorado’s transportation system. We are joined by a growing number of business groups from every region of the state that believe in a bipartisan solution to fix Colorado roads.