First bank Celebrates their 60th Anniversary!

Mar 13, 2023 | Member News

Tuesday, February 28, marked FirstBank’s 60th anniversary. To celebrate 60 years of ‘banking for good,’ they put together a list of 60 facts you don’t know about one of the country’s largest privately-held banks:


1. First customers. We opened 270 customer accounts on our first day of business in 1963.

2. First Westland National Bank. FirstBank was actually First Westland National Bank before being renamed FirstBank in 1978.

3. Our humble beginning. Our first “branch” was a 12’ by 50’ trailer affectionately known as “The Check Wagon.”

4. Saturdays. On June 14, 1963, we introduced Saturday morning banking. Some could say we were on the cutting edge of extended banking hours.

5. First President. Roger Reisher was FirstBank’s first president. He was instrumental in making FirstBank the success story it is today and put forward many innovations and programs the company is still known for. Sadly Roger passed in 2013, but we still think of him often and even named our former boardroom after him.

6. California state-of-mind. FirstBank opened its first location outside Colorado in Palm Desert, California on December 6, 1985.

7. 24-hour customer service begins. 24-hour telephone banking was introduced on April 3, 1989.

8. We joined the internet. In 1995, FirstBank joined the World Wide Web at Now, you can find us at

9. FirstBank heads further west. In 2007, FirstBank opened its first location in Arizona.

10. Our cube gets introduced. FirstBank debuted its signature orange cube logo in August 2008.


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