Health and fitness have been a major part of the Fort Collins culture for decades. Members of the community can now enhance their own fitness and nutrition programs with the help of Sue Kartheiser.

Sue is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Counselor with seventeen years of experience. She recently relocated from Chicago to Fort Collins where she is building her business, Stay Fit With Sue.

Stay Fit With Sue is run through Sue’s home gym, a full service fitness facility. It offers functional training equipment to increase strength, balance, cardiovascular capacity and flexibility.

Sue works with clients individually and in small groups depending on the client’s preference. She designs custom programs to help clients achieve their personal goals in a way that fits into their lifestyle.

Sue’s client, Karen A. explains the life-changing experience she had training at Stay Fit With Sue.

“By working out with you (Sue), I am assured that I am working out at a pace that works best for me, my body and my health goals.”

To learn more or contact Sue, visit her website