Mechanics & Mindset Business Coaching is a brand-new business coaching firm and they’re starting two dynamic business coaching groups in March 2019.  Each group consists of 12 entrepreneurs who take their business seriously.  The first group will meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month, and the second group will meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.  Meetings will be from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the FirstBank Building on 100 S. College Avenue.

These groups are called “topical business coaching groups”. What does that mean?  It means that each month, the group will learn about a new business topic and how it applies to their business. The topic may be marketing, selling, financial planning, pricing, employee relations, leadership or any number of topics that are chosen by the group.

The first monthly meeting focuses on learning the topic and understanding how to apply it to your business.  Each member will create a short- and long-term goal and announce it to the group.  The second monthly meeting is all about the successes or obstacles experienced by members as they attempted to accomplish their short-term goal.

Topical group coaching helps business owners focus on working ON their business instead of IN their business.  So many times, small business owners get so busy, they forget to plan, delegate and empower their employees.  The Topical Group Coaching that Mechanics and Mindset Coaching is offering this coming month is a great chance to join a group of fellow entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their small businesses into something truly great.

Jeff Schuster, a veteran small business owner and certified life coach will be leading each group session. Jeff has created online training for small business owners, leads a local networking group in Fort Collins called Business Networks and has started, grown and sold his own multi-million-dollar business.  His wealth of experience and ability to coach business owners is a great asset to his business coaching groups.

Mechanics & Mindset Business Coaching is taking applications in February for any small business owner who wants to join.  You can go to their website at or you can sign up directly at  The cost of the group is $77 per month (if you sign up before February 22).  While you can cancel anytime you want, Mechanics & Mindset Business Coaching recommends that you commit to 12-months with the same group to see how this amazing experience revolutionize your small business.