Webinar Relationshift – Building Meanful Supporter Experience from Single to Major Gift

Our next Webinar for Nonprofits is coming ….
Ready to do a RELATIONSHIFT with your donors?

Click here to participate: http://ww2.cloud2b.com.br/relationshift2019_fcc

Join us on July 24th – 12 pm MTD and learn how marketing and fundraising teams can work together productively using a strong CRM with seamlessly integrated Marketing Automation.

People give because they have a meaningful experience with your cause, staff, and constituents. The nonprofits that create these inspiring experiences can raise more resources and galvanize a community of advocates.

Date: Wednesday, July 24th
Time: 12:00 pm
Company: Cloud2b - Salesforce Platinum Partner
Location: Online - http://ww2.cloud2b.com.br/relationshift2019_fcc

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