Time Management is a Myth

“Time Management is a Myth Workshop” is a free one-hour free online workshop happening February 21st at 11 AM. It shows you how to get the right things done each day without getting bogged down by distractions and interruptions.

You can’t DO anything to time. It is outside of our control. So, what you need to manage are your PRIORITIES . . . And managing priorities is what THIS workshop is all about! Learn more and register at https://www.timemgtmyth.com/.

You’ll learn The three most significant Time Mgt Myths and the reality behind them. The “Time Mgt” Tool that’s worth over $500K! How to prioritize so you get the right things done, and how to deal with the hurricane of daily interruptions & distractions so you can focus on your top priorities.

Date: Tuesday, February 21st
Time: 11:00 AM (MST)
Company: Brian Lovegrove Coaching
Location: https://www.timemgtmyth.com/

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