ThinkerFest 2020: The (Virtual) Anti-Strategic Plan

LoCo Think Tank: ThinkerFest 2020
The (Virtual) Anti-Strategic Plan:
Reclaiming and Activating Your Small Business Strategy
November 12th 8:30-12 MT | $39 General Ticket | $29 Loco Member Ticket

Business Owners | Leaders | Finance | Innovation | Goal Setting + Action

This is a half day virtual workshop where attendees will create a dynamic strategic plan through interactive sessions with topical business experts. Our three guest speakers will walk small business owners and key leaders through goal setting and action steps to create the framework and key milestones for their 2021 strategic plan.

You know those Zoom conferences that you can put on in the background?

Yea, we’re not doing that.

By the end of ThinkerFest, attendees will have the framework and action steps to develop their own custom, strategic plan. This is a workshop based virtual event that will include 3 expert speakers and small group collaboration during sessions, so you know exactly how to set your business up for 2021 success.

Date: Thursday, November 12th
Time: 8:30-12:00
Company: LoCo Think Tank
Location: Online

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