Sales Fundamentals Workshop Series | Tuesdays from 3/21/23 – 4/25/23

Everyone wants more sales, but do you know how to get more? If you did, then you’d consistently be a Top Producer. So join us for our 6-week Sales Fundamentals workshop series, starting March 21st, each Tuesday from 3-5 PM in Loveland. This series runs until April 25th and is designed to help you develop the expertise of Top Performing Sales Pros.

You will learn and then apply those ideas and strategies to your sales situation each week. So, if you want to be better at selling AND are willing to do the work, this workshop series is for you!

Brian Lovegrove Coaching created the Top Performing Sales System series. This development series guides and teaches aspiring sales representatives who want to be their company’s Top Performers! It helps you develop the skills of the best of the best, with an emphasis on practical application. Through these three workshops, you will learn the fundamentals of sales, how to develop influential relationships, and how to implement best practices of Top Sales Pros into your daily habits to become a Top Performer.

You will learn the following:
* The one thing that controls 80% of your success!
* How to consistently show up with Enthusiasm
* How to control your mindset and eliminate the doubt and fears of hearing “No.”
​* How to manage your time effectively and not get bogged down in the weeds

You will do the following:
* Develop your “Sales Pro Mindset”
* Create an “anchor” to keep you ready to sell
* Eliminate the thinking that is holding you back!
​* Practice a proven strategy that will make you more focused and productive.

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Date: Tuesday, March 21st
Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Company: Brian Lovegrove Coaching
Location: Brian Lovegrove Coaching, 150 E 29th St, Ste 285, Loveland, CO 80538

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