QuickBooks (Desktop Version): 3 Part Series

Registration must be complete and paid by 3:30PM on Tuesday, Sept 6th, 2021 to reserve a computer.
This series of classes will cover what QuickBooks Desktop 2021 can do for you. You will learn how to back up your system, navigate through the program, and receive an overview of setting up a company. Other topics include:

– Managing your checkbook
– Handling credit card payments
– Reconciliation of accounts
– Accounts payable & accounts receivable
– Analyzing your financials with reports

This class is perfect for the person who has never used the program or is within their first year of use and is using the desktop software.

If you are attending this workshop via live stream you will want to purchase and install QuickBooks Desktop software before the workshop starts.

More information at: https://larimersbdc.org/quickbooks-desktop-version-3-part-series-4/

Date: Thursday, September 9th
Time: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Company: Larimer SBDC
Location: 4616 S Shields St. (Blanca Peak Room 110)

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