Financials and Bookkeeping – From Input to Understanding

This class will help you understand what bookkeeping can tell you about your business and how it can help you manage your business including:

• What data you need to keep track of
• Avoiding common mistakes
• A summary understanding of what financials and proper bookkeeping can tell you about your business
• General understanding your financial statements – income (profit and loss) statement and balance sheet
• What’s accrual accounting mean? The importance of matching expenses with revenues
• When to engage with an accountant and/or bookkeeper

Don’t let your financial statements overwhelm you! Once you understand what they can do for your business, you’ll wonder why they were ever such a mystery to begin with.

Date: Friday, November 5th
Time: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Company: Larimer SBDC
Location: 4616 S Shields St. (Blanca Peak Room 142)

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