Envision Professional Development: Networking 101


Envision Young Professionals: Networking 101
Presented by Kristin McMahon

Wednesday, August 1, 2018  11:30-1:00 p.m.
Fort Collins Chamber, 225 S. Meldrum St.


“What do you do?”

These words conjure up all sorts of emotions, images and feelings because we all carry a preconceived idea about networking and what it means. For some it can be intimidating or uncomfortable while for others it easy however, you’re not getting your desired results.  Is there a way to talk about your business and still feel authentic, empowered and yet not come across as egocentric and still get results?

The answer is YES!!! The trick is develop a way to talk about what you do in a way that creates connection. With a bit of preparation and strategy you can learn to a respond in a way that feels authentic and easy AND generates your desired outcome.


Registration is $17 and includes lunch.

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Date: Wednesday, August 1st
Time: 11:30am-1pm
Company: Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce
Location: 225 S. Meldrum St.

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