Energize Your Business Seminar

Energize Your Business seminar is an all-day seminar held at Group Publishing’s event center in Loveland, Colorado. Small business owners tend to react to customers, employees, the economy, the government, and these constant reactions tend to create burn-out over periods of time. Jeff Schuster will walk attendees through a six step process to regain the enthusiasm they once had with their business and their life. Notepads and pens will be provided and lunch will be available for purchase at the adjacent Fireside Cafe. The early bird special price is $99 until November 30th, and the regular price is $149. Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce members will receive a 20% discount off of both prices by using the code FCCC at checkout. Interested members can learn more by visiting: https://www.mmbizcoach.com/Energize_Your_Business_Seminar

Date: Friday, January 10th
Time: 8:30 am
Company: Mechanics & Mindset Business Coaching
Location: 1515 Cascade Ave, Loveland, Colorado

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