Cashflow Management Workshop (Senior Solutions)

Many people are concerned with how much money they make, but the reality that 70% of lottery winners are bankrupt within five years tells us that what really matters is how much you keep.
In this workshop we’ll discuss:
1. How to free up $100-$300 per month without an extra job, but just by restructuring some of our expenses.
2. How debt snowballing works: 30-year mortgage does NOT mean 30 years of debt!
3. Brief snippets on the tax code and how it affects you.
4. Financial Independence isn’t a lofty wish, it’s something YOU can achieve!
Library: Old Town Library
Location: Study Room A

Date: Wednesday, April 5th
Time: 10:00am - 11:00am
Company: Poudre River Public Library District
Location: Old Town Library, 201 Peterson Street

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