Author Clay G. Small discusses Art Forgery and his book, The Forger’s Forgery

Author Clay G. Small’s virtual discussion will delve into various aspects of art forgery including:
* What else besides money drives an art forger?
* Forgeries are everywhere. As the price for art has soared so have forgeries.
* The most forged artists of all time
* Science of art authentication
* The most ingenious of art forgers
* Clay’s visit of The Six Collection in Amsterdam (a private museum – displaying art including Rembrandt paintings and artists of earlier years)
* How Clay arrived at writing The Forger’s Forgery.

Clay G. Small is former Sr. VP and Managing Attorney for PepsiCo, Inc. Because his work was on a global scale, he came to know and love Amsterdam. He is now a professor in Dallas, Texas where he teaches business law and ethics within the College of Business at Southern Methodist University (SMU). He is also a visiting professor at ESADE Barcelona and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Clay is one of a few Americans who received an invite to tour ‘The Six Collection’, an exquisite small museum located in a private house of the Dutch aristocratic Six family with roots reaching back to the year 1032. Clay has weaved his experiences and research into ‘The Forger’s Forgery.’ Learn more at

Synopsis of The Forger’s Forgery:
Fictional characters within a plot blending historical facts surrounding the most infamous Dutch art forger, Han van Meegeren, who was famous for forging the works of 17th century artists such as Vermeer and selling these paintings during World War II. As one of the reviews states, it has just enough non-fiction in it to make it educational. Clay’s depictions are so well described that the reader feels transported to various places such as the canal races, a crowded alley, a tiny restaurant or at The Six Collection private museum, and even within the secrecy that van Meegeren designed his life.
Clay is spending the summer at his home in Edwards, CO and is bound for Amsterdam in October. Join the complimentary discussion thru this link:

Date: Wednesday, July 21st
Time: 6:00 pm MT
Company: Old Firehouse Books
Location: Virtual discussion thru FB page of Old Firehouse Books

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