If you are one of the millions of companies who needs to innovate and grow their business, but does not know where to start, you need a new reliable system for Innovation called Innovation Engineering.
Eureka! Inventing is pleased to announce the introduction of Innovation Engineering to the Ft Collins community.
Innovation Engineering is a new science, developed by one of the nation’s top innovation companies, The Eureka! Ranch, and the University of Maine. Innovation Engineering increases innovation speed up to 6X, and decreases innovation risk. This is done by applying systems thinking to innovation. The principles of Innovation Engineering are based on 30 years of hands-on innovation by the Eureka! Ranch with organizations like Proctor & Gamble, Nike, Disney, and the U.S. Dept. of Commerce.
Innovation Engineering is the only university accredited innovation program in the world, being taught at 20+ universities (and growing). Innovation Engineering is a new discipline, with the involvement of 30,000 people and over $8 Billion worth of active projects in development.
Eureka! Inventing works with companies, both large and small, to teach them how to apply Innovation Engineering within their companies. Eureka! Inventing teaches not only idea creation, but also a system for idea development that embraces a Fail FAST Fail CHEAP system.
Eureka! Inventing Vice President Rick Rothwell says, “It’s more than a big idea hunt. 80% of the ideas that are licensed from MIT never get commercialized- because the companies do not have good innovation systems. We teach companies how to quickly address the particular ‘Death Threats’ for an idea, and be able to quickly solve these Death Threats, or wisely kill the idea.”
Rothwell says he is opening in Ft Collins because, “ It’s sexy to work with the large companies, but my heart has always been with small and mid-sized companies. My wife and I used to own franchised retail companies, and won every award that the franchise gave out- Marketer of the Year, Franchisee of the Year, and Customer Service Program of the Year. Smaller companies are more fun to work with- that is why I am starting this practice in Ft Collins.”
Rothwell said he is looking to build relationships with 5-10 companies within the Ft Collins area, and work with them on how to innovate and grow their business.

For information, contact:
Rick Rothwell
[email protected]