Employers Council Pandemic Conference Replay

May 27, 2020 | Member News

Here’s your two week access to the Employers Council Pandemic Conference recording!
You’ll have access until June 5, 11:59 PM

Employers Council Pandemic Conference replay

About the Conference

This virtual conference provided employers with important updates about the lessons other employers have learned from the COVID-19 crisis, insights into the unexpected opportunities that have been uncovered for workers and employers alike, and the tools businesses will need to rebuild their workplaces and to prepare for the post-pandemic future.

Full list of topics included:

  • Coronavirus, a Retrospective
  • You Participated in Federal Programs… Now What?
  • How COVID-19 Changed the Human Resource Profession
  • Rebuilding the Workplace During the Pandemic and Beyond
  • Reconnecting in the Face of Ambiguity: The Four Foundations for Organizations to Thrive
  • Preparing for the Next Wave: What to Do When This Happens Again

Presenters and Panelists:

Through a combination of digital presentations and panels, the Council’s expert presenters offered their insights on what they’ve learned and how to move forward in the coming months.

Due to COVID-19, downtown businesses are facing a rapidly changing environment as employers. Employers Council is providing free resources to businesses who are not their current members. Please Click Here to access free webinars, guides, and other important information