Elevations Credit Union Helps Healing Warriors Program Launch New Fort Collins Clinic

May 2, 2019 | Member News

Elevations provided nonprofit with in-kind furniture and tech donations of $25,000, plus nearly 100 employee volunteer hours

Elevations Credit Union is proud to announce its support of nonprofit Healing Warriors Program’s new clinic in Fort Collins by providing nearly 100 volunteer hours to outfit the new clinic with furniture, artwork and IT equipment—all donated in-kind from Elevations and totaling an estimated $25,000.

The in-kind donations included a large reception desk, armoires, file cabinets, cubicles, desk and reception chairs, bookcases and even artwork. In-kind IT donations included a server and desktops, a copy/print machine, scratch and dent monitors, network cables and more.

In conjunction with providing these donations, employees from Elevations’ IT and facilities departments volunteered at Healing Warriors Program in March to help outfit the nonprofit’s new clinic at 1044 West Drake Road. The employees installed the new server and desktops, installed the new copy/print machine, ran network cables, installed office furniture, hung artwork and more.

This was facilitated through the credit union’s volunteer time off program, which provides 16 hours of paid volunteer time off annually to employees. The program demonstrates the credit union’s purpose to nurture and grow an institution, membership and belief system that fundamentally understands and actively promotes the idea that we are only truly prosperous together.

According to Ana Pallés Yelen, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Healing Warriors Program, “This in-kind contribution supports our overall mission in so many important ways. Every time we save costs elsewhere, we are able to further put resources toward those who need assistance most. Having an upgrade to our furniture allows for a more modernized work environment and improved morale in our office.”

Healing Warriors Program provides non-narcotic therapy services for Pain, Post Traumatic Stress, and sleep disturbances to Veterans and Active Duty service members of all branches of service and any era, and their spouses, partners and parents. Each individual receives three sessions, free of charge.

“The Elevations Credit Union team is proud to play an instrumental part in building the infrastructure of the new Healing Warriors Program clinic. Our goal is to serve our community in a way that promotes overall prosperity,” said Pete DuPré, Chief Information Officer for Elevations and board member of Healing Warriors Program. “We are extremely proud of how well this space turned out. It is an unbelievable resource for our veterans.”