April 2015 Election

Fort Collins Municipal Election Vital to Community Success

On the whole, things are going quite well in Fort Collins.  The quality of life of our area is the envy of many other communities, and the unemployment rate is relatively low.

In light of growing competition for our community’s jobs, the question is “How do we keep things going our way?” Most of that answer lies with the great businesses and private sector innovators in Fort Collins. Unfortunately, the disincentives to operate a business are growing. It’s more important than ever to have people on the City Council that understand and appreciate business and are willing to work on creating a strong and positive business climate.

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce has made it a priority to support the election of City Council Members who support business and job creation. For the April 7, 2015 City of Fort Collins Election, the Chamber endorsed the following candidates for the City Council:

As well, the Chamber recommended the following positions on two of the ballot issues being presented to voters:

  • Vote YES: City-Initiated Question “Extending the Expiring Twenty-five Hundredths Percent (0.25%) “Building on Basics” Capital Projects Sales and Use Tax for a Period of Ten Years for the Purpose of Obtaining Revenue for the “Community Capital Improvement Program” Capital Projects and Related Operation and Maintenance”.  You can also learn about the issue through this video:  http://youtu.be/n_LL8DmC8so
  • Vote YES:  City-Initiated Question “Extending the Expiring Quarter-cent Sales and Use Tax Used to Fund the City’s Street Maintenance Program”

Both taxes are extensions of current taxes, resulting in no increase in our current tax rate, and provide important funding for key community investments.  The Chamber supported the Street Maintenance Program Sales Extension because long term transportation capital funding remains a priority for the continued viability of the City of Fort Collins.  The Chamber also supported the Community Capital Improvement Program which includes key investments in transportation services, cultural, library and recreation efforts as well as affordable housing.

Information Resources

Click here to see the Business Community Candidate Forum video.  Part 1 and Part 2.
Copies of the interviews conducted with all the candidates that chose to interview are available HERE.
As well, questionnaires completed by the candidates are available HERE.


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