Eide Bailly August Webinars

Aug 9, 2021 | Member News

By getting your mind focused on growth and success through our informational and educational webinars designed to keep our clients, colleagues and friends informed on innovative business and tax strategies.

The tools and resources presented will help businesses and individuals make informed
decisions and remain successful and compliant in a competitive marketplace.

August 9: Control Strategies to Minimize Cyber Risk and Reduce Fraud Opportunities:
Minimizing risk and reducing fraud opportunities remain top priorities for all businesses. During this webinar, our Risk Advisory and Fraud & Forensic professionals will discuss accounting and technology control recommendations to minimize cyber risk and fraud possibilities. We will discuss identifying and mitigating risk in an evolving landscape by
covering recent cases and providing best practices.

August 10: ACA: Are you in compliance?
The Affordable Care Act continues to evolve, making it difficult to maintain compliance. In this session we will review the latest developments and discuss how to ensure compliance. We will dive into recent updates to the ACA, such as the expiration of good-faith relief as mentioned in IRS Notice 2020-76, review forms and reporting requirements, as well as explore commonly asked questions and provide examples.

August 10: Leasing Standard: Where do you go from here?
The provisions of the Accounting Standards Update 2016-02, Leases, in February of 2016 and the subsequent FASB
amendments are coming into effect soon. These standards provide significant changes for lease accounting that can be complicated when determining lease terms, lease payments, and discount rates. During this webinar, we will explore a practical approach to implementation, identifying the information to gather and how to go about making decisions and developing assumptions.

August 11: Strategies to Exit Your Business & Retire:
There are several things to consider when transitioning your business, including management, ownership, entity structuring and whether or not you’re ready. All these factors play a key role in succession planning for a business. In this webinar, we’ll talk about the value of having a succession plan long before you must implement it, discuss the process and what you can do to prepare and operate with the end in mind.

August 12: IRS Trouble: International Penalty Abatement:
Offshore compliance remains a top priority for the IRS. This webinar will outline the many different foreign asset reporting requirements and their related penalties for failure to comply. If you have not been filing the necessary forms disclosing these assets, we will discuss some of the amnesty programs the IRS has available to assist taxpayers to come clean on reporting these assets for prior years and going forward.

August 19: Annual State and Local Tax Update:
Staying in compliance with state and local sales and income tax rules can be challenging when the rules are everchanging. It is important for your business to stay abreast of these changes. In this webinar, we will focus on recent state and local tax developments that affect your tax liability, and what you need to know to remain in compliance.

August 24: How Any Organization Can Use Automation to Improve Efficiency:
Making sure your data is flowing correctly between your key business systems and then building in intelligent automation processes that are reputable and consistent can have significant efficiency and productivity benefits for your entire organization. Join our webinar to discover how to integrate your business systems and streamline your
operations for optimal efficiency with intelligent automation.

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