Encouraging Landlords to Apply Directly for Rental Assistance

Dec 15, 2020 | Member News

Dear Local Landlords and Property Managers,

We are writing to ask for your help. As you know, so many people in our community are impacted by job losses due to COVID and thousands of households are facing financial crises and are unable to pay rent. Right now, our community is experiencing a rapid increase in emergency rental support requests and our nonprofits are inundated and the backlog is significant. These nonprofits are moving mountains to bring on new staff, borrow staff from other organizations, train volunteers, and are leveraging all available resources to manage the requests. However, the waiting time for a first response to an application is currently 12 days and this is only expected to grow.

This is where we need your help. Landlords can receive support to cover delinquent rent through the State of Colorado’s Property Owner Protection (POP) program. Landlords accessing the POP program is the most efficient way to address this current housing challenge. Many local landlords are taking advantage of this program, submitting brief paperwork each month and receiving regular batches of rent assistance from the state. Landlords can also apply for multiple months in arrears, if needed. The POP program is for residents with incomes up to 100% AMI and who reside in single family, multi-family or mobile home parks. It is not for subsidized units. Landlords apply directly to DOLA and rent must be within the fair market rates listed on their site. Complete POP program information is found here.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. If you’re an eligible landlord, apply to POP now.
  2. If you’re a landlord who has already received POP funding, please spread the word about the benefits of applying to POP.
  3. Everyone, please share this email through your networks.

Finally, we want to recognize the many contributions of local nonprofits, landlords, government partners and private donors to this effort. Collectively these efforts have brought millions of dollars into the local economy. And yet, there challenges facing us are significant. Thank you for jumping in and helping how you can.

Thank You,

City of Fort Collins