Hello FoCO Chamber Community –
During this time of uncertainty, you can count on unwavering support from my office and the Insurance companies that I represent. We’re committed to meeting your needs and delivering quality, dependable service. This includes:
-Processing and paying claims (Sickness Disability Income and Hospital Indemnity pay you cash benefits during sickness events)
-Offering a flexible approach to enrollment and administration (My office has offered Remote Online Enrollment and HR Administration solutions for over 10 years now)
-Answering questions and providing information as you navigate the impacts to your own workforce.

If you would like to learn more about how you can bring remote employee benefits support/administration to your workforce (ZERO cost for online benefits administration with our program), please reach out to me asap!

We have Sickness Disability Income and Hospital Indemnity insurance plans available now – including guarantee issue levels of coverage.

Protect your workforce, yourself and your family with remote administration technology and financial protection products designed to help with unexpected medical events.

Take Care Out There,
Eric Patti
[email protected]