Comcast Expands Affordable Home Internet Program

Aug 29, 2019 | Member News

Comcast is committed to closing the digital divide for all Coloradans. They recently expanded their affordable high-speed home internet program, Internet Essentials, to include all low-income Coloradans in their service area. Through this expansion, they’re more than doubling the eligible population for the program.

Since 2011, they’ve connected more than 300,000 residents across the state of Colorado to the internet at home — most for the very first time. In Larimer County alone they’ve connected 9,600 individuals to the internet at home, helping to ensure our residents can apply for jobs, complete their homework, access medical benefits and assistance, stay in touch with friends and family and compete in the 21st century economy.

Learn more about Internet Essentials and Comcast’s commitment to bridging the digital divide here: