Colorado Transportation Commission Will Fund Expansion of I-25

Sep 16, 2022 | Chamber News

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce serves as a champion for the full funding and widening of North Interstate 25 to three lanes from Fort Collins to Longmont by 2025. We are thrilled to report that we have achieved this goal!

As reported in the Denver Business Journal this morning, the Colorado Transportation Commission (CTC) moved Wednesday to expand a bottleneck area of I-25 north of Denver, identified as Segment 5 in the North I-25 expansion plan.

“Northern Front Range leaders have pushed for six years to widen the highway connection between Denver and Fort Collins in order to improve the movement of freight and passenger vehicles between the cities,” Ed Sealover reported.

That advocacy has resulted in $937 million committed during the past five years to fund the widening of North I-25 with construction well underway. Segment 5 remained the final section of the roadway without funding or construction plans, until yesterday.

Sealover reported that “Transportation commission members will make the decision formal today as they approve a new 10-year plan for improving roads, transit and other forms of transportation in the state.”

“A Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) spokesman on Wednesday said that the efforts show that the department is willing to keep its commitments – to an existing 10-year plan that promised full expansion of I-25 north of Denver,” reported Sealover.

With inclusion of Segment 5 in the 10-year plan, funding will come from various sources including CDOT and a federal loan opportunity. The repayment would come from income generated by the toll lane in that stretch. CDOT will also continue to evaluate an unsolicited bid by Spanish firm Roadis to build and operate a continuous toll lane running from downtown Denver to Fort Collins and pursue federal funding created by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Sandra Solin, lobbyist for the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance and the Fix North I-25 Business Alliance, noted that Segment 5 – which carries more than 80,000 vehicles per day, more than 10% of them freight trucks – has been such a focus for business leaders because without expansion it could create a pinch point on a highway that is three lanes each way south of it and is being widened to three lanes in each direction north of it. This widening will ensure that trucks can get through on the key western arterial road and that individuals can commute in a reasonable time between Denver and the fast-growing Fort Collins region.

A highly effective advocacy, polling, lobbying and media relations program, funded by Northern Colorado Prospers 1.0 and 2.0, has created this success. Congratulations Northern Colorado! We did it!

Click here to read the full article by Ed Sealover, Denver Business Journal