Colorado or Bust

Apr 26, 2016 | Community & Quality of Life

In case you missed it, an April 14 story in the Denver Post reported that Colorado led the nation last for the percentage of households that switched addresses from the previous year. Nationally, 6.4 percent of people changed addresses, whereas 10 percent of Colorado households switched.

Of the moves, 54 percent were Coloradoans moving to another county in the state while the remaining 46 percent came from out-of-state. The states contributing the most newcomers, in this order, were California, Texas, Florida, Illinois and Arizona.

Of the Coloradoans who left the state, the most popular destinations were Texas, California, Florida, Arizona and Washington.

According to the story, the biggest net contributors to Colorado’s population were Illinois, California and New York. In other words, more of their residents moved here than Coloradoans moved there.

Elizabeth Garner, Colorado’s state demographer, said that one in five Coloradoans that moved within the state landed in Denver.

For younger adults, 18 to 35 year olds, main reasons for moving were work followed by love. Colorado, especially Denver, must have plenty of both since Denver ranks 3rd behind Dallas and Chicago as the place Millennials moved to. Also popular were Seattle, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Portland, Charlotte and Washington, DC.

The article is titled “Colorado has more people on the move than any other state,” and you can find it here.