Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins High School Graduates 204 Students with Two-Thirds Obtaining an Associate Degree and/or Certificate

May 21, 2019 | Member News

On Sunday, May 19, 204 high school students graduating from Colorado Early Colleges Fort Collins (CECFC) will graduate with a high school diploma, 69% earning an associate degree and/or certificate from a community college. A noteworthy 15% of the graduating class will be recognized for multiple degrees and/or certifications, and 100% of the graduating class earned college credit. The outstanding group of students will be recognized during the 2 p.m. commencement ceremony at Embassy Suites Loveland, 4705 Clydesdale Parkway, Loveland, CO 80538.

CECFC was founded in 2012 as a tuition-free, open enrollment public charter high school. The school’s mission is to ensure that each student, regardless of background or skill level, will have the opportunity to pursue a growth mindset that will allow them to achieve mastery and to demonstrate they can succeed in school, in college, and in their chosen career. No exceptions. No excuses. Newsweek Magazine ranked CECFC as the No. 1 (2015) and No. 2 (2016) Top High School in Colorado for post-secondary and workforce student readiness.

Along with college-prep high school courses, Front Range and Aims Community College courses are taught on the CECFC high school campus. Qualifying students can take college courses off-campus at any Front Range, Aims, or Red Rocks Community College campus. All courses taken must satisfy degree requirements. Students may pursue an Associate of Arts or Science and/or an Associate of Applied Science and/or Certifications.

CECFC is also the first school in Colorado to offer a Postsecondary Workforce Readiness Endorsed Diploma, which identifies students who have gone above and beyond the basic high school graduation requirements. Students are required to complete an ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan), demonstrate 21st-century skills through internships, community service or work experience and show additional 100 level college course work in three separate areas.

“We cannot express how incredibly proud we are of our students. As the education landscape continues to change, we value the opportunity to help students achieve success no matter their background or skill level,” said Sandi Brown – Chief Executive Administrator for Colorado Early Colleges. “With the jumpstart on their college careers, we can’t wait to see them soar.”

Students across northern Colorado, and even north Denver, have chosen CECFC over neighborhood public schools, home school or other charter schools.

CECFC Facts and Numbers:
204 total graduates
● 69% of graduates have earned an associate degree and/or certificate from a community college.
● 15% of graduating class have earned multiple degrees and/or certificates.
● 100% of graduating class earned college credit.

Degrees by the Numbers:
● Aims Community College
o 8 graduates
o 14 total degrees and/or certifications

● Front Range Community College
o 131 graduates
o 168 total degrees and/or certifications

● Red Rocks Community College
o 1 graduate
o 1 Associate of Arts degree

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