Coloradans Urged to Help Replenish Blood Supply After Blizzard

Mar 18, 2019 | Member News

Donation center/blood drive closures/cancellations result in 800+ missed donations

Vitalant (vye-TAL-ent), formerly Bonfils Blood Center, is asking everyone who is eligible to give blood in the coming days to help make up for 883 units of blood that could not be donated due to the blizzard that hit Colorado and surrounding areas. On Wednesday, weather conditions canceled or cut short operations at Colorado, Wyoming and Rapid City, South Dakota donation centers and impacted 16 blood drives. Thursday, weather conditions canceled an additional nine blood drives, closed the Rapid City donation center all day and the Cheyenne, Wyoming donation center for a second straight day. The anticipated donations that can’t be collected account for more than a quarter of the more than 3,000 donations needed each week in our region.

“Our mobile blood drive resources are booked out weeks in advance so rescheduling canceled blood drives at high schools and businesses takes time,” Vitalant Senior Director of Donor Recruitment Charlie Propernick said. “In the meantime, we’re asking donors as they are able to find their closest Vitalant donation center or another upcoming blood drive to help build up the supply to pre-blizzard levels.”

Vitalant operations in areas not impacted by severe weather are encouraging their communities to step up and help out in support of patient blood needs here and in other parts of the country.

In Colorado, Vitalant has eight donation centers open as many as seven days a week and mobile blood drives daily throughout the state. Learn more at


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